CSF Radiators


In 1947 a father and his 3 sons opened a small automotive parts retail shop. Over the first few years of trading they began to grow into an automotive garage specialising in radiator repairs. Working with their engineering knowledge and expanding business, the family took the decision to open their own privately held Radiator manufacturing factory. In 1975, whilst still under the family ownership, the CSF brand was established. CSF where the first company to introduce applications for import vehicles into the automotive aftermarket, to cater for the growing American sales of Honda, Datsun and Toyota, which by now had started to show up in showrooms across the states.


In 2009, the 4th generation of the owners family joined the business. The CSF brand had b this point established itself a reputation within the cooling industry as the market leader of import and popular domestic condensers and radiators, selling over 650,000 units that year during a period of US recession. To date CSF has sold over 35 million units. With the company adding new niche and super specialised lines of cooling solutions, they can now offer cooling systems for commercial Trucks, Agricultural Equipment, Marine Cooling, Intercoolers, Pressure Caps and an innovative and industry changing Racing and High Performance Division. With the companies passion for cooling systems, and the fact that tubes and fins run through their veins, they knew it wouldn't be long before CSF took its innovations and leading technologies to the highest possible level. Now CSF can give Racing Teams, Drivers and Performance Enthusiasts a product that performs as hard as they do.


The Racing & High Performance Division of CSF strives to engineer the most efficient, reliable and advanced cooling systems on the market. CSF manufacturers a huge variety of sophisticated cooling systems, with production of more than 117 different applications ranging from high performance all aluminium direct-fit replacement radiators, to full custom applications for race cars, power sports, Off-Road, marine and industrial use. All CSF cooling systems are designed and engineered to allow for maintaining optimal engine temperatures, no matter how extreme the driving conditions.

With over 50 years of experience, and 0ver 35 million global cooling system sales, CSF has earned the industry reputation of being the 'Cooling Experts)

  • Over 50 years Trading
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Over 650,000 units sold annually
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Capacity of 1 million units